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hexpress healthcare limited service limitations


  1. Hexpress Healthcare Limited ('We', 'Us', 'Our') is a private Internet pharmacy and provider of medical services based in the UK and registered in the UK with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC), the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Our service is primarily intended for patients who, for various reasons, may not be able to see in person, or have access to a face-to-face consultation with, their general practitioner (GP) or family doctor, and/or may not be able to collect their treatment in person from our pharmacy in the UK.

  2. Online medical consultations are not intended to replace face-to-face consultations with your family doctor or GP as some health problems might prove difficult to diagnose online and your GP or family doctor will usually have access to your entire medical history. WE ALWAYS RECOMMEND THAT PATIENTS CONSULT WITH THEIR FAMILY DOCTOR OR GP, IF POSSIBLE.

  3. Our medical services require you to provide truthful answers and disclose your medical history so that our doctors can make informed, reliable and appropriate decisions. Our doctors may decide that they cannot prescribe to you, in which case, they shall advise you to consult your family doctor or GP.

  4. We do not deliver your treatment in the EU/EEA but only supply and dispense your treatment, and you must either collect your treatment, or arrange for its collection, from our premises; and if you choose to arrange the delivery of your treatment, you must pay a designated independent delivery company, Kwik Shipments Limited, a delivery fee for this service. Once your treatment is dispensed (packaged and ready for dispatch), it will be available at our pharmacy in the UK, for you to collect or for Kwik Shipments Limited to collect on your behalf for delivery to you by a courier in accordance with your instructions.

  5. Prices shown on the respective product pages include the medical services, the medication, and the delivery.

  6. We do not accept the return of, and do not refund, your treatment (except in exceptional circumstances, and such acceptance and refund is entirely at our sole discretion).

  7. We only supply medicines licensed in the UK and approved by the MHRA.

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