Our Partner Pharmacies & Pharmacists

In dispensing your medication medilico use the services of UK registered pharmacies only. Our Partnership Pharmacy is Sonar Healthcare Limited. In case, you need to contact our pharmacist or pharmacy; you can do so by using the details provided below:

Sonar Healthcare Limited, 72 Curzon Avenue, Birstall, Leicester, LE4 4AD, United Kingdom

Superintendent Pharmacist

Mr. Vijay H Patel - GPhC Registration No. 2044966

Our Pharmacies

Pearl Chemist Ltd - GPhC Registration No. 9010081

Pharmacierge Ltd - GPhC Registration No. 1093286

All medilico same day delivery orders are dispensed and dispatched by Pharmacierge Ltd.

Further information about the registration status of both our pharmacists and pharmacies can be found by visiting the website below;



Doctor Services

Our doctors are supplied and trained by e-med Private Medical Services Ltd, which is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) under registration number 1-179645951.

Should you wish to purchase the private medical EEA prescription only and not the medication, please contact our Patient Supports team at 029 2167 5044. Prices will be made available by our patient support team.


The Medicines and Healthcare products regulatory Agency (MHRA) was previously the Medical Control Agency (MCA) and Medical Devices Agency (MDA) until the merger in April 2003.

The MHRA is the Executive Agency of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom. It is tasked with protecting and promoting public health and patient safety. It does this by ensuring that medicines, healthcare products and medical equipment meet appropriate standards with regards to safety, quality, performance and effectiveness.


The General Medical Council are tasked with ensuring the maintenance of the standards expected of Doctors in the UK. There job is specifically to protect the rights of the patients and not the interests of the Doctors.

Data Protection

The Information Commissioner has a range of duties which include the promotion of legitimate information handling/processing and the adherence to codes of practice for data controllers.