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Micronor is a 28-day progesterone-only oral contraceptive that protects against unwanted pregnancy. Micronor is clinically proven and over 99% effective when used correctly. It contains the synthetic hormone norethisterone and is designed to be taken every day.

Unlike the combined pill, Micronor is a mini 'POP' pill that does not use oestrogen. This makes it suitable for women who smoke, are overweight or are unable to take oestrogen used in the combined pill.

At a glance:

  • Over 99% effective
  • Does not contain oestrogen
  • An easy to take daily pill
  • Can help lighten periods
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How to buy Micronor?

To buy this medication you'll need to book an appointment with your doctor to have a check-up and discuss your suitability. Once you have been issued a prescription you are able to buy Micronor online after a quick online consultation. This consultation should take no longer than five minutes and is reviewed and then approved by one of our UK registered doctors.

Is it safe to order online?

When ordering from a certified online pharmacy, you can be ensured that your medication is safe. If the pharmacy doesn't ask you to complete essential health and medical question, however, this is a telltale sign that the website isn't certified. The website should also display clear signs that it is registered and approved by the relevant authorities. In the UK, this includes being registered by the MHRA and GMC.

All medication will be delivered in tamper proof packaging complete with the full patient leaflet, which confirms that the medication is clinically proven and highly effective.

What is included in the price?

When ordering Micronor tablets online here at HEALTHSITE, this is an all-inclusive price including the prescription, consultation, medication and delivery. There are no hidden costs. This medication is available to buy online in a 350mcg dose. The price of this treatment adjusts depending on the quantity you have ordered, which can be seen below:


Can you buy without a prescription?

No, Micronor is not available online or over-the-counter without a prescription. This prescription can be obtained after you have completed a quick online consultation in the checkout section when you place your order. This is reviewed by one of our doctors to ensure this medication is effective and compatible for your use.

What is Micronor?

Micronor (norethisterone) is a 28-day oral contraceptive medication provided in a low dose of 350mcg that can effectively prevent pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. This contraceptive medication is also called the 'mini-pill' or the 'progestogen-only pill' (POP). Micronor is recommended for women who are breastfeeding, have heart issues, are over the age of 35 and smoke regularly and for women with tolerance to synthetic oestrogen, as Micronor pills do not contain this hormone. When Micronor is taken as instructed it will provide complete protection from pregnancy.

The Different Types of Mini Pill

Mini pills, such as Micronor and Noriday, work by thickening cervical mucus and thinning your womb lining. But, there are other mini-pills, such as Cerelle, which contain the hormone desogestrel that prevents ovulation. There is no difference in their effectiveness rate, but women who want to experience a regular bleed may wish to take Micronor.

How Effective is Micronor?

Micronor is over 99% effective when it's taken correctly. This effectiveness rate relies on you taking your pill correctly. If you are busy or forgetful you should consider a more permanent method of contraception, such as the contraceptive implant or an intrauterine device (IUD).

Micronor may lose it's effectiveness, increasing the likelihood of becoming pregnant If you vomit or have severe diarrhoea within three hours of taking Micronor, meaning it may not have had enough time to absorb. Take another pill straight away if you can. If you continue to be ill then you should use additional barrier contraception for seven days after you stop feeling unwell.

If you are unwell after three hours or more then Micronor will have absorbed and you need take no extra action.

Other Advantages of Micronor

Micronor effectively prevents pregnancy when taken correctly, but it also has a number of other benefits.

The progestogen in Micronor can lighten and shorten periods. This means that you may experience less PMS including fewer monthly symptoms of pain, heavy bleeding (which can lead to anaemia), bloating and mood swings.

If you have had a baby and are breastfeeding you can use Micronor. There are no known adverse effects on infants and it should not disrupt your milk supply. Speak to your midwife about starting Micronor when breastfeeding.

As hormonal contraceptives are highly effective and you do not need to worry about stopping and fitting barrier contraceptives, women who are concerned about falling pregnant can enjoy sex without worry.

Women who are overweight, smoke or experience migraines are not suitable for the combined pill, but they are able to take Micronor. This is because it does not contain oestrogen.

Long term use of Micronor reduces the risk of ovarian and other womb cancers.

How Does It Differ from Other Contraceptives?

Hormonal contraceptives are popular with women because the effectiveness rate is very high, with most providing over 99% protection against unwanted pregnancy.

Pills, in particular, are popular for women who are considering a family in the near future. Combined and mini pills are quickly reversible. Once you stop taking the pill you are fertile again, although your doctor may advise you wait a few months before conceiving so your periods have time to settle.

Oestrogen-containing contraceptives will often stop periods completely. Micronor may not do this, but it can reduce the severity of bleeding and PMS symptoms.

The lack of oestrogen in Micronor means it's a suitable contraception for women who cannot take the combined pill.

Barrier contraceptives are essential to prevent STIs, but their effectiveness rate against pregnancy is not as high as forms of hormonal contraception.

How Does Micronor Work?

Micronor contains norethisterone (artificial progestogen), which prevents pregnancy by thickening cervical mucus to prevent sperm entering the womb via the cervix. Micronor also thins your womb lining as a result of the additional supply of progestogen in the body, so that no fertilised egg can implant itself and grow.

How To Take Micronor

Micronor is a daily tablet that needs to be taken at the same time each day. Be extra careful when travelling through time zones. Some women find it helpful to travel with a watch that they do not adjust to the new time zone.

The strips are printed with the days of the week. Always follow these in the right order. When you reach the last pill do not take a break but continue with another strip. The combined pill requires a seven-day break, but mini pills are taken without gaps. If you miss a pill follow the instructions below.

Don't chew or crush Micronor, as it's designed to be swallowed whole. The pills are tiny, measuring a few millimetres in diameter, but you are able to take them with food if you cannot swallow them.

Starting Micronor

Micronor is easy to start. It's recommended that you wait until the first day of your period and then begin your course of pills. If you do this then you are covered against pregnancy immediately. You can begin Micronor up to five days after your period has started, but if your menstrual cycle is shorter than 28 days you may fall pregnant. If you have a short cycle use additional barrier contraception for seven days.

You can start Micronor at any time of the month, but you must use additional barrier contraceptives for seven days until Micronor has started to work.

If you are swapping from another form of hormonal contraception, including the combined pill, you should start Micronor the day after you finish your strip of pills. Do not wait for a period. If you have an implant or IUD removed, start taking Micronor immediately and use barrier contraception for seven days.

After giving birth, having a miscarriage or an abortion you can use Micronor and be covered against pregnancy straight away. Speak to your doctor first, as it may depend on how long you have waited.

What To Do If You Miss A Pill

Missed pills are common but should be taken seriously. If you miss just one pill you could fall pregnant.

You should take action depending on how long it's been since you missed a pill.

  • Less than three hours - take the missed pill immediately. You are still covered against pregnancy.
  • More than three hours - take the missed pill immediately and use extra barrier contraception for seven days.
  • If you have missed more than one pill you should take the most recent missed pill, leaving the others untouched. Use additional barrier contraceptives for seven days.

If you have had sex in the time you've forgotten pills then you should consider emergency contraception, such as EllaOne. Remember that emergency contraception can interfere with how the pill works and you will need additional barrier contraception afterwards. Speak to your pharmacist about the adverse interaction with Micronor.

Micronor Side Effects

Micronor, along with all prescription medicines, can produce some unwanted side effects. The more mild and common side effects include mood changes, weight gain, headaches, nausea, breast tenderness, irregular bleeding, feeling tired, feeling dizzy and absent periods.

Less common side effects include depression, acne, painful periods, vaginal discharge, acne, stomach pain, anxiety and hair thinning.

A rare but serious side effect is an allergic reaction. If you take Micronor and feel breathless, wheezy, or experience swollen lips or throat you should seek immediate medical advice.

Micronor can raise the risk of some serious illnesses. The risk is very small but Micronor may:

  • Raise the risk of breast cancer. All women whether they take Micronor or not should regularly examine their breasts for any changes.
  • Micronor slightly raises the risk of developing a blood clot (DVT).
  • Micronor may raise the risk of cervical cancer, although this increase may be due to unprotected sex.

Micronor Precautions

The majority of women can use Micronor because it does not contain oestrogen; however, if you have had breast cancer, have unexplained vaginal bleeding, have hereditary blood disorders or are allergic to any of the ingredients you should not take Micronor.

If you have any of the following conditions you may be able to use Micronor with careful surveillance and regular medical check-ups:

  • You've had a stroke
  • You have lupus (SLE)
  • If you have severe liver problems
  • You have a history or disorder of blood clots
  • You have serious artery disease
  • You have porphyria

Other Medication Interactions

Some medicines can interfere with Micronor's effectiveness. If you need to take short or long term medicines you should speak to your doctor about their effect on Micronor. The types of medicines that can cause adverse effects are; some antibiotics, some antifungals, epilepsy medicines, some sedatives, St John's Wort, some sleeping tablets, high blood pressure medicines and anti-HIV drugs.

Any medicine that gives you severe diarrhoea, such as some weight loss tablets, can cause Micronor to lose its effectiveness.

If you are diabetic the mini pill may interfere with your blood sugar levels. Speak to your doctor about managing any changes.

If you are unwell or miss a pill and need to take emergency contraception, for example, EllaOne you should use extra barrier contraception for nine days. Emergency contraception can interfere with the action of Micronor.

Depending on what medicines you need to take, you should either use additional barrier contraception or swap to a different contraceptive. Your doctor or pharmacist can advise you further.

If you want to stop your periods then Micronor may not be for you. Cerelle and Cerazette contain the hormone desogestrel, which prevents ovulation. Micronor does not, but it can lighten periods.

No hormonal contraceptive provides protection against sexually transmitted infections. If you are having sex with a new partner or you're unsure about your partner's history then you should use barrier contraceptive . Male and female condoms help to stop the spread of STIs.

Some women experience spotting or breakthrough bleeding, but this will often clear up given a few months. If it continues beyond six months then you should speak to your doctor.

Ectopic pregnancies are more common in women that taken contraceptive pills. It's highly unlikely you will become pregnant when taking Micronor, but if you forget a pill you may experience an ectopic pregnancy (when a fertilised egg implants in a fallopian tube).

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