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Note: You must complete a short online consultation so that our doctor can ensure that the treatment is suitable for you. The above pricing should only be used as a reference. The final decision to issue this treatment lies with the prescribing doctor.

What is ellaOne?

The morning after pill is nearly 100% effective at preventing pregnancy after unprotected sex has occurred, but it will not work if taken beforehand. This is why doctors advise you to continue with regular contraception as well as barrier contraception until a fresh patch, ring or pill is taken. It acts as a safeguard.

When is the morning after pill necessary?

Needing to take ellaOne can depend on a number of reasons outside 'forgetting contraception' and mistakes can happen. You could have been using barrier contraception such as male or female condoms and these have split or faltered during sex. This includes slipping off or moving out of place, or if the condom has expired and you haven't realised until after intercourse. You could be taking hormonal contraception but have forgotten a couple of the pills and therefore the efficiency has been compromised. In the case of the contraceptive patch or ring, forgetting to change these forms of contraception can reduce the effectiveness as well. Another scenario is waiting for an appointment to renew a certain method of contraception; if you need your preferred contraceptive within a week but can't get an appointment in time and have had unprotected sex. Lastly, you may not be using any contraception at all. Whether your usual contraception has failed or spontaneity has got the better of you, this will not be questioned. Whatever the reason for needing the morning after pill, it is easy to buy in the UK.

Does the man need to ejaculate to require a morning after pill?

No, any penetrative vaginal sex without contraceptive protection may require emergency contraception. This includes buying ellaOne even if the male hasn't ejaculated (come or orgasmed). This is because a man can 'pre-come' meaning semen and therefore sperm can enter the vagina without ejaculation needing to happen.

How does ellaOne work?

Containing the active ingredient ulipristal acetate, ellaOne works by preventing pregnancy in a number of ways similar to hormonal contraception. The main difference is this process is effective after unprotected sex through an increased level of the hormone being ingested in one go, rather than the continual stream of hormones throughout the month. This is also the reason that the morning after pill should not be considered as a viable long-term contraceptive.

The active ingredient ulipristal acetate is a selective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM). This works by altering the womb lining so an egg cannot implant itself effectively if an egg is released at all. The second form of prevention is delaying the release of an egg. If ellaOne successfully interrupts the fertilisation process through both of these methods, there is a near 100% protection and you will not become pregnant up to five days after unprotected sex.

What is a selective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM)?

An SPRM is an agent that acts, or provokes, the hormone receptors in the body. In the case of ellaOne, ulipristal acetate influences the body's progesterone supply. This means that you're not directly increasing the hormone supply in the body through synthetic versions that may be more likely to cause side effects; an SPRM alters the hormone balance already present in your system instead.

How to take ellaOne?

ellaOne comes in the form of one tablet to be taken straight away. This is a single dosage of 30mg of ulipristal acetate. Whilst you can take ellaOne up to five days after women are encouraged to take ellaOne as soon as they buy it to avoid losing, damaging or forgetting the pill later on in the week as well as for your own peace of mind.

The ellaOne pill can be taken with or without food although taking it with a meal is encouraged as this can reduce the possibility of nausea. Every ellaOne tablet can be taken at any point in your menstrual cycle.

ellaOne is simple to take, however, if you experience diarrhoea or vomit within three hours of taking the pill, it will be void and you will need to seek another pill or arrange for an IUD to be fitted.

After taking ellaOne, you should continue using or taking your contraceptive as usual. For women who take the mini or combined pill, continue to finish your pill pack and use barrier contraception such as condoms until the new cycle. The same is advised for the contraceptive patch and the contraceptive ring.

When should I take ellaOne?

Within five days after unprotected sex. Unlike the other morning after pill available in the UK named Levonelle, ellaOne does not reduce in effectiveness over time. In fact, ellaOne is 98% effective at preventing pregnancy up to 120 days after unprotected sex making the term 'morning after pill' inaccurate. Despite the timeframe of effectiveness for ellaOne, the vast majority of women decide to buy ellaOne as soon as possible for peace of mind. This can be done in a number of ways in the UK.

You can order ellaOne online and receive it tomorrow without the worry that the percentage is declining over time. This is particularly handy if you're not going to have the time to go to the doctor's or pharmacy, or don't have access to either of these options over the next coming days. Secondly, certain pharmacies such as Boots as well as your local chemist could have ellaOne in supply. It's always worth checking on the Internet or ringing first if the visit will be time-consuming as some pharmacies have the right not to stock certain medications for religious or moral objections. These pharmacies and chemist are in the minority, but this can cause panic if you're already feeling pressured. If this is the case with your particular chemist, they are obligated by law to offer you an alternative location that will definitely stock the morning after pill.

Getting your period is the clearest indication that the morning after pill has worked. Depending on where you are in your cycle, this could be a weeklong wait or four weeks. It's important to remember that only two in 100 women will fall pregnant after taking ellaOne so the chances are near impossible especially if you have taken the tablet correctly. So within five days after and you haven't vomited or experienced diarrhoea.

What if I don't have my period?

If your period is late, there are a whole host of other factors as to why this could be. One could be that you're feeling anxious and stressed about the situation. This is a common reason amongst women when their period is delayed. Other logical reasons are that the ellaOne tablet has caused your period to become delayed, your weight has changed or you have been taking other medications. If you have started contraception, this could also make your period delayed as your body becomes accustomed to the hormones. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is another cause for delayed or irregular periods. Finally, if you are pregnant it is likely that you will experience other symptoms as well such as morning sickness, breast tenderness and abdominal pain without the bleeding.

You have the best experience of your own body so if you feel something is not right, wait until the seven days have passed and then consult your doctor or sexual health clinic.

ellaOne dosages

There is only one dose of ellaOne available and that is of 30mg of ulipristal acetate; a selective progesterone receptor modulator (SPRM). An SPRM differs slightly from the usual synthetic progesterone found in mini pills and combined pills however the effect is the same. This is the highest dosage available and with 98% effectiveness against pregnancy prevention, it is a favourable form of emergency contraception.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

You should not use ellaOne if you are already pregnant. This will not prevent pregnancy and can have a harmful effect on the baby's development if you continue taking contraceptives.

If you are breastfeeding and require the morning after pill, it is advised that you stop breastfeeding for the following 36 hours then use your breast pump to remove the milk before resuming. Studies haven't shown definite proof that ellaOne affects breast milk and therefore your baby, but it is always best to side with caution.

ellaOne side effects

The majority of women who take ellaOne do not experience any side effects at all. As ellaOne is one tablet taken in just one sitting, the chances of side effects and even prolonged or unpleasant side effects are very slim. Many women who do experience any issues say these disappear within a few days and are extremely manageable to boot.

The most frequent side effect reported is the feeling of nausea. This can be minimised or avoided by taking ellaOne before or after your meal. If you have vomited whilst taking ellaOne or in the hours afterwards, just like the combined pill or mini pill, it will not be effective and you will need to take another pill. This is the same if you have experience diarrhoea. If you know that ellaOne or any medication in the past has made you sick, then either buy a spare just in case or consider booking an appointment for an IUD fitting.

Another side effect of ellaOne may be fatigue but this is again uncommon and temporary. Other less common side effects include irregular bleeding, a headache, dizziness or lower abdominal pain. Again, this should pass quickly and without distress however if any side effects are persistent and painful, please contact your doctor.

Depending on when you have taken ellaOne you may experience a delayed period, which can be obviously nerve wreaking considering the circumstance. This nervousness and stress can then helps to delay your period even further. Give the timespan of five to seven days and if your period hasn't arrived, take a pregnancy test to confirm you are not pregnant. Please remember that only two women in every 100 will fall pregnant after taking ellaOne in the first five days after unprotected sex so it is highly unlikely you are pregnant if you have taken this morning after pill correctly.

ellaOne Precautions

If you have liver disease, ellaOne should not be taken. Alternatively, the IUD can be fitted up to five days after unprotected sex by a medical professional. The same goes if you have a galactose or Lapp lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption. Certain medication and medicines may interact negatively with ellaOne. These are detailed below under 'ellaOne interactions'.

Asthmatics are also advised to outline their condition and symptoms to the pharmacist or doctor before purchasing. Those with severe asthma may be declined; in which case, the IUD will need to be fitted. The advantage to the IUD is that it acts as a long-term contraceptive as well as an emergency contraceptive but you will need to get it fitted by a medical professional.

The vast majority of women can take ellaOne but as with all medication, there are a number of precautions that should be considered before buying the morning after pill. When discussing ellaOne with the pharmacist, doctor or our online doctor here, you must include any aspect of your medical history to ensure it will be safe and effective for you to use.

If you use treatment for HIV, bacterial infections or herbal remedies, this may affect the efficiency of ellaOne. This includes any herbal treatments for St John's Wort. It is also strongly advised to not use the other morning after pill Levonelle along with ellaOne. In fact, using both could make each medication less effective. If you would prefer to use Levonelle, it is advised to take it within the first one-two days after unprotected sex as its effectiveness diminishes over time.

ellaOne interactions

As mentioned it is advised to take either ellaOne or Levonelle and not both. However, there are other medications that interact to ellaOne that could mean the IUD is the best emergency contraceptive option for you; aprepitant, bosentan, barbiturates, carbamazepine, efavirenz, eslicarbazepine, fosphenytoin, nevirapine, oxcarbazepine, phenobarbital, phenytoin, primidone, rifampicin, rifabutin and topiramate.

Getting contraception

If you are not currently using protection against pregnancy it is advised that, if you are having regular intercourse, to consider long-term contraceptive options. The morning after pill should not be used more than once in one month, or as your sole protection against pregnancy.

Contraception comes in many shapes and sizes including hormonal and non-hormonal, injections, devices, pills, sponges, patches and rings. These can range from monthly pills that need to be remembered every day to options that require an initial doctor's fitting but last a number of years. Certain types of contraception will suit different women, and your lifestyle, as well as your wellbeing, can be considered. For more advice on which contraceptive to choose, research through the Internet on resources such as the NHS and book an appointment with your local sexual health clinic or doctor's surgery to talk through the suitable options you have discovered. It is also worth noting that no form of emergency contraception can protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This also includes most contraceptive methods. The best option to protect against STIs is barrier contraceptives created for vaginal, anal and oral sex including male or female condoms and dental dams. This will significantly reduce the chance of contracting certain STIs although some viral and parasitic infections can be passed through skin-to-skin contact only.

STI Testing

If you have had unprotected sex and are unsure about the status of your partner or yourself, it is highly recommended that you get tested for any sexually transmitted infections. Many STIs do not produce any symptoms and can cause long-term damage such as infertility. Luckily in the UK, STI clinics are accessible and very approachable for every age, gender and background. They are also free of charge but do be prepared for a wait. They come in the form of GUM Clinics, sexual health clinics and some doctor's surgeries. If you are between the ages of 16-24, you can also take a free at-home chlamydia test. Some pharmacies have these packs as well as doctor's surgeries.

Please be aware that whilst you can be tested for bacterial STIs such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea easily with a swab, viral STIs such as herpes will not turn up in the report unless you are experiencing symptoms. It is also possible that certain STIs go undetected because it has been too soon after unprotected sex. For example, if symptoms do appear, then this is usually from three weeks after intercourse. This means it is best to wait a few weeks after unprotected sex before heading to a clinic, rather than rushing straight away. The best course of action is to practise sex whenever possible and be responsible for STI testing by going periodically depending on your personal situation. There may also be a wait for the walk-in clinic so use a spare half-day holiday and set off early to avoid disappointment. You can find your nearest clinic through the NHS website, which all include opening times and handy information about what to expect.

Can I buy ellaOne without a prescription?

With any clinically proven medication in the UK, you are required to answer a few vital medical questions to determine it is safe for you to use. The doctor or nurse will then issue a prescription allowing the pharmacy to dispense the medication to you. In terms of the morning after pill, if you are taking hormonal contraception, it is highly likely ellaOne is safe for you to use.

In the UK, you can head to a pharmacy and receive the ellaOne tablet without a prescription signed by your doctor. However, you will still be required to answer medical questions. Most pharmacies have a quiet room for privacy. All pharmacies will charge for the morning after pill. Alternatively, you can buy ellaOne online with the same consultation process.

How to buy ellaOne online

ellaOne tablets can be bought from certain pharmacies and chemists across the UK, however, do be aware of the 'conscience clause'. This is a law in the UK whereby certain pharmacies can exercise the right to refuse to sell particular medications. This is due to conflicting moral and/or religious views. Please give the pharmacy a call before visiting to make certain they sell ellaOne. This is always good to know if there is a similar conundrum in the future involving you or a loved one that needs the same treatment.

You can also book a doctor's appointment. Many doctors' surgeries offer emergency appointments on the day, however, these can be difficult to obtain and aren't necessary for the majority of women who either buy online or straight in the pharmacy.

If you can't make your way to a pharmacy or GPs because you are busy, too far away from a resource or simply want to order online as it is the best and quickest option for you, you can do so here. On orders made before 4.30pm, you will receive your medication the next day before 1pm. Orders made after this point will be delivered the day after. With the 120-hour window at a 98% effectiveness rate, to buy ellaOne online can reduce panic and increase convenience.

Is it safe to order online?

When ordering from a certified online pharmacy, you can be ensured that your medication is safe. If the pharmacy doesn't ask you to complete essential health and medical question, however, this is a telltale sign that the website isn't certified. The website should also display clear signs that it is registered and approved by the relevant authorities. In the UK, this includes being registered by the MHRA and GMC.

All medication will be delivered in tamperproof packaging complete with the full patient leaflet, which confirms that the medication is clinically proven and highly effective.

What's included in the price?

When ordering ellaOne online here at Medilico, this is an all-inclusive price including the prescription, consultation, medication and delivery. There are no hidden costs. The price adjusts depending on the dosage and quantity you have ordered.

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